About Me

My name is maddog187. I been using Unix/Linux on a professional level since 1998. I started out using Redhat 5.2 but soon switched to FreeBSD due to security issues with Redhat. Back in the day, Redhat came with everything on and open. It was quite tricky to close all security issues, where as FreeBSD came completely closed. FreeBSD required knowledge of daemons, services and security in order for you to run a server for different websites including gaming sites for casino games like olympic kingsway casinos online.

After using FreeBSD as a server successfully for several years, I got a non contract job working for a hardware security firm in 2005. The company at the time was using Redhat Enterprise Linux 4(RHEL for sort). It was suggested to me to start using Linux again. I agreed and switched to Fedora 4 for my desktop and CentOS for my servers. I have not looked back.

Currently, I use Fedora 25 for my workstation (desktop) and a mix of CentOS/Debian servers. CentOS and Debian both have their pro’s and con’s. I did use Debian 9 for a while as a desktop, but since switched back to Fedora. Had issues with my graphics card.

In the past 20 years, I have read a ton of information, guides and wikis but never gave back to the community. So, this is why I created this site. This is my way of giving back to the collaboration that gave me so much. I will be writing how to guides, distro reviews, hardware guides and any thing else technical I can add. Thanks for reading and hopefully you will find this site useful.

– Maddog