Installing Ntop-NG1.1 Debian 6x or 7x


First, Install the following packages:
$ apt-get install subversion libpcap-dev libglib2.0-dev libgeoip-dev wget libxml2-dev libsqlite3-dev dh-autoreconf autoconf2.13 lua5.1

Once installed, you must edit and add  the following backports line to /etc/apt/sources.list
deb squeeze-backports mainvisit website

Run update for backports
$ apt-get update

Once everything is installed, run the following to get the proper version of  redis-server:
$ apt-get -t squeeze-backports install redis-server

Now to download the latest build of Ntop-ng1.1 using subversion:
$ svn co

Change into your ntopng directory and run the following commands:
$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
$ make geoip

Download ntopng-data-1.1_6932.tgz with wget:

$ tar xvfvz ntopng-data-1.1_6932.tgz
$ cd ntopng-data-1.1_6932
$ cp -r ./usr/* /usr


$ mkdir -p /etc/ntopng/data

Create /etc/ntopng/ntopng.start and add the following:
–local-networks “”
–interface eth0

Create /etc/ntopng/ntopng.conf and add the following:

Starting Ntop-NG

$ /usr/local/bin/ntopng –daemon &

Add the following to /etc/rc.local to start Ntop-NG on startup:
#Starts ntop-ng
/usr/local/bin/ntopng –daemon


Default Username: admin
Default Password: admin